2012 Awards

Club Awards:
Young Player of 2012: Taz Nicholson.
Men’s Player of 2012: Zac Wood.
Women’s Player of 2012: Kim Gill
Club Fair Player(s)
– Jamie Stones,
– Alistair Black, – Trophy Award
– Sarah Gibbs,,
– Hayley Archer,
– Stacey Tomich,
– Steven Morrison
Club Person of 2012: Pamela Naish

Gallagher Secondary School Girls:
Most Consistent – Leah Bakker
Most Improved – Kaitlyn Bongers

Cruisey Blues:

Most Valuable – Amy King
Most Improved – Laura O’Neil
Most Dedicated – Andrea Martin
Men’s C:
Most Consistent – Steven Morrison
Most Improved – Hayden Korach
Reserve Women:
Most Valuable – Sarah Stewart
Most Improved – Alexis Ramsay
Reserve Men:
Most Valuable – Grant Goile
Most Committed – Taz Nicholson
Premier Women:
Most Dedicated – Stacey Tomich
Most Supportive – Lee Miller
Premier Men:
Most valuable – Craig Armstrong
Most improved – Dane Vickers
Most committed team player – Michael Petherick