Sport Strapping Workshop Report


Andrea and Cindy went along to the Sport Strapping Workshop put on by Sport Waikato and run by physiotherapist Linley Leuthard. Here’s what they had to say,

The Strapping course was great. They have a print out of which Cindy has copies for anyone who would like it. We were given tape and made to practice on each other. FYI – the most painful of all strapping to pull off is a shoulder strapping!!! We practiced on our ankles, knees, wrist, and shoulders. My teenage boys were quiet worried for all of 2 minutes when I walked in at home all strapped up! They had some very good tips also.

Tip: When strapping knees, while putting the strapping tape around the Ham/Quad muscles, if you just do straight round and not too tight – you could still tourniquet your leg when your muscles bulges as you sprint down the side of the hockey turf (especially if you are a Cruisey Blue!). Their tip was to put a pleat in the back to allow extra movement while sprinting!

There was also the reminder to ice any injury and to go to the doctor and not to self-diagnose.

It was a very good course. Only cost $10 which was very cheap and well worth doing if it comes up again.

Sorry, no photos! Although I have a vivid memory of Cindy in extreme pain while trying to pull the strapping off her shoulder