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Subscriptions 2018


Subscriptions depend on the team/grade you are playing. They are determined from the team entry fee for each team charged by WHA, plus turf hire, plus Club administration costs, plus training gear costs. Our club treasurer will issue you an invoice via email at the start of the season, if you have not received yours, please email

Team Total Subscription Credit Card fee (4%)
Premier Men $450 $18.00
Premier Women $450 $18.00
Reserve Men $420 $16.80
Reserve Women $420 $16.80
Men's C $420 $16.80
Cruisey Blues $420 $16.80
Associate (Non-playing) $40 $1.60
Secondary School Player Rebate* -$55
Umpire Discount -$350
Goalie Grant (for using own gear) -$100
Additional pair of FTHC Socks $15

* Rebate available to players who play for both a secondary school team and a senior club team.

The committee has decided to increase subs this season in response to WHA having again increased their fees, this year by just over 4%. Over 90% of your subscriptions are paid directly to WHA. This is the first increase since 2012, and unfortunately the Club can no longer absorb the increasing costs.

Payment Methods

In order of preference:

  1. Direct Deposit/Internet Banking
    Fraser Tech Hockey Club,
    Account # 03 1355 0658893 00.
    (please put your invoice number or name and team in the payment details section).
  2. Internet Banking/Direct Deposit
    as above 🙂
  3. Credit card, via the IMGSTG portal. Login here.
    There will be a 4% transaction fee applied, which goes to NZ Hockey to finance the Player Registration System.
  4. Cheque – made to “Fraser Tech Hockey Club”,
    Deposited directly into our account at any SBS branch (as in option 1).
    Given to your team manager or the treasurer.
    Posted to P.O. Box 1266, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240.
    (please put your invoice number or name and team on the back).
  5. Cash – deposited directly into our account at any SBS branch (as in option 1).
    SBS Branch on the corner of Victoria St and Bryce St.
  6. Cash – in an envelope (with your name on it) to your team manager or the treasurer.

Scheduled Payments

If you cannot meet the payment due date on the invoice, then please contact the treasurer, who is most happy to discuss an alternate payment plan for you. Do this sooner rather than later and before the payment due date. The treasurer’s email address is

Prorated Subscription Policy

Subscriptions are charged on a per-season basis. If a member leaves the Club mid-season this does NOT entitle them to a prorated subscription. The Club runs a tight budget and depends on subscriptions to cover team costs. The committee may at its discretion refund a portion of the subscription, but this will usually only be provided after a replacement member joins the Club. If you believe your extenuating circumstances should entitle you to a refund, please email an explanation to

Unfinancial Members

Failure to make payment or organising and completing a payment plan by the due date will result in the nation-wide suspension of your playing privileges for this club (or any other club, or representative team).

Note: A 10% penalty will be charged if we need to chase you for your subs. This is a most unpleasant job for the treasurer and managers and wastes a lot of committee time.