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The two rule changes are as follows: The ability to take attacking free hits, awarded within 5 metres of the edge of the circle, from the point of the offence (formally from the 5m dotted line).  The change states that …

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Here is the season plan for 2014 as published by the Senior Division committee of WHA. The season starts a bit different this year because of how close Easter and ANZAC day are, and that ANZAC day falls on a …

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London Olympics 1908.

Offside: At least three players of the opposite team must be in front of any player without possession of the ball within the opposing team’s half. A game in which too many goals are easily scored is not a thrilling spectacle. Bully off: …

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The FIH Rules Board has made a series of changes to their rules to make the game faster and safer. It includes rules on own goals, free hits, and umpiring decisions after half/full time. Hockey New Zealand will be using …

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