Fraser Tech Hockey Club

We start the season this weekend!

Don't forget we've got our first Muster on Saturday at 10am. Come along, blow the cobwebs out and show us what you've got. Details here.

The committee has been busy organising events, training, fundraisers, and getting ready to incorporate the club.

  • Incorporating has required a few edits to our constitution (the rules that govern the club), there will be a vote at the AGM to accept the changes. See this post for the details.
  • Training times and places have been organised. These are quite different from last year.
  • There are a couple of free and almost free sport medicine evening courses available for you to take advantage of.
  • Fund raise to reduce your subs. The committee is lining up several opportunities for you to reduce your own personal fees if you put the effort in. The first is a wine sale offer - got to get in quick - orders close on the 17th.
    Coming soon - Entertainment books.

Below is a collection of news headlines from the FTHC website concerning the new season, with more information.

Fundraiser - Best value Sauvignon Blanc deal in town.

Fraser Tech Hockey Friends and Family (so pretty much everyone) can order
a case of 12 for only $120.
That's half price (normally retailing for $20 a bottle - $240 a case).

Grower's Mark - Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2009

 Made ...

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Two, yes 2, Premier Women's Teams

Following on from the Premier Women team's success in 2012 where they won the Waikato Championship and their 2nd place in the Midlands Intercity Competition, making them the highest placed Waikato team, the Committee has decided to enter a second Premier Women's Team.

Why? What has happened?

The Waikato Hockey ...

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Training Times for 2013

The Committee has organised the following training times for each team. The premier teams will be training on Monday evenings at Gallagher Hockey Centre for an hour. The lower grade teams will be sharing 1.5 hours at the turf at Diocesan School for girls which has lights.

Training will be ...

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FTHC Socks - new for 2013

It's been a while coming, but the club has placed an order for brand new socks for everyone to wear.

They are full royal blue with a white turn over and the letters FTHC up the back.

One step closer to our uniform being uniform and looking smart across the club. Long be forgotten the mismatch of blue ...

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