Entertainment Book 2013

Entertainment Book Fundraiser for 2013


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The Entertainment Book Fundraiser is back for 2013 – this time with online ordering and payment.

See what its all about on the Entertainment Book Page.

Every book that is sold returns $12 to the club. We’ll be running the same deal as last year. The profit from the first book you sell will go to the club, after that the profit from every subsequent book you sell can be credited towards your subs. So if you put the effort in – you get the reward! Not too much effort required – the books practically sell themselves.

When the book is launched at the end of March (you can sell pre-orders), we’ll get some example copies to the managers, and some advertising material for you to use.

You can continue to sell the entertainment book throughout the entire season.

Sales Tips and IdeasEntertainment Book 2013

  • Sell the Book by showing it. People who see it and touch it are more likely to buy it.
  • Make a note of 5 or 6 appealing offers in the Entertainment™ Book that you have/would use and relate your stories to potential buyers.
  • Point out the value, variety of offers and how long they are valid for “Remember, you only have to use the Entertainment™ Book a couple of times and it’s paid for itself!”
  • Point out new offers, especially in your area.
  • Talk to friends, neighbours, family and co-workers. “Have you seen the great new Entertainment™ Book? Our group is selling them to raise money.”
  • Whenever you sell an Entertainment™ Book, suggest additional Books as gifts.
  • Display sample Entertainment™ Books in busy areas — in the coffee/lunch room, on a desk, or any visible place.
  • Encourage potential buyers to visit the website where they can look through a virtual copy of the Book.